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Real Asset Management commits to pay equity leadership

This article originally appeared in Adviser Voice

Australian-owned wealth and asset manager Real Asset Management (RAM) has been recognised for its commitment
to closing the gender pay gap in the financial services industry.

RAM Director, Human Resources Suzanne Hutchinson said it was important for the firm to take a leadership role in ensuring pay equity within the financial services industry and the company was proud to be recognised by WGEA.

“We are acutely aware that when it comes to performance, talent development and pay decisions, gender bias can create an uneven playing field between men and women. As part of our pledge to level the playing field, we analyse and monitor the salaries of our team on the basis of gender and take action to minimise any discrepancies between men and women,” Hutchinson said.

Kelly said it was critical for RAM to embody its corporate values through proactive measures.

“At RAM we value equality and fairness above all else, particularly as it relates to the working conditions of our strong and growing team of more than 80 people across the region, the majority of whom are female,” Kelly said.

“By voluntarily taking these steps we are able to attract and retain high-quality people within our organisation, but more importantly, we can lead the way when it comes to positively changing the way the financial services industry approaches pay equity, which has been an ongoing issue for some time.”

RAM Director and Client Advisor Agnes Liu, who has joined the company in 2013 as a Business Development Manager, said “by supporting gender pay equity, we not only create gender equality, but we also empower women and foster a more diversified and inclusive workplace.”

“We are proud of the work we have done over the years and are continuously doing to achieve gender equality. To demonstrate our proactive stance, we look forward to continuing a strong presence and leadership role on this important issue as the firm continues to grow,” Liu said.